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Agents wanted

We are looking forward to cooperate with the companies who enjoy good faith and reputation. All importers, wholesalers, distributors and knife-brand owners are welcomed.
We can make the knives according to your design or you can be our knife agent in your market. But this business must obey the national security act and law of knowledge property.
If a knife is an OEM product to be agent, please show us your contract and license. And if a knife with our logo to be agent, please write us your marketing project for a fair evaluation.
We do NOT make any knives for crime or any illegal operation.
The company who wants to work with us together must understand that a knife is to save the lives of men, special operators, law enforcement officers and professional adventurers. A good knife can help you a lot in your daily life and it is a good collection gift.
Agent Requirements: We welcome all orders, OEM and agents to our products world widely. As knife being shown here, you may choose anyone you like for order, or tell us what you want for making. We can design and make according to your good idea, design drawing or blueprint. We hope our project can increase your value and help you win the market. But no matter what you buy and what we make, we both must abide by the law and protect the intellectual property.
Agent Requirements: If you have all or some of the below, please contact us for a good business for both-win.
1- Having a knife brand; 2-Having a knife market; 3- Having a license; 4- Having channels; 5- Knowing how to build a new brand; 6- Understanding why people buy a knife; 7- Abiding by the law; 8- Protecting the intellectual property
Thank you very much for your business here.